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Rosie Osborne has created a gem of a visual art book, one to enjoy, to savour, to lose yourself in.  Free Spirits quite literally shows us, in a feast of photographs and reproductions, the joy of creating art. Generously full-page and legion - encompassing, informing, revealing... but her text also is probing, telling, seeking - and inspires beautiful responses.  Rosie Osborne’s consummate interest in her subjects, her delight in their presence, their company and their confidences abounds.  The book’s clear and informal style of layout and presentation uniquely compliments and contributes to the pleasure and enjoyment gained of its contents. This joyous, colourful, revealing book of art unfailingly communicates the inspiration, absorbing experience and overflowing menu of kaleidoscopic visual feasts, set for the author’s delectation of the artists she interviews and represents.

- Fred Sumner, UK

I’m not entirely sure why the opportunity to purchase Free Spirits was algorithmically presented to me, but with recently renewed dedication to my own art spirit in preparation for the Third Act of life, I seized it. I was only familiar with one of the artists in the book, but with its impeccable production values and gently thoughtful text, my dedication was ratified through a series of fresh introductions to the thoughts and works of like-minded people who exercise their freedoms in parts of the world far from my own. It’s always fascinating to peek behind the scenes at process, and to learn the contexts which accompany the artist’s work. Free Spirits is a luscious artefact to which I’ll return many times for inspiration and soulful encouragement.

- Dirk Brandts, Santa Barbara, California

Free Spirits is just what the name implies - the book's pages soar with colour and imagination that compliments the factual information about each artist and his/her work. I must admit that I couldn't stop turning the pages in order to look at the artwork until I reached the end of the book. Then I went back and, over a period of days, read the text and absorbed the entirety of Free Spirits. It is like a travelogue through the lives and works of the 13 artists who are featured. Looking forward to publication of Rosie's next book. I know I'm going to enjoy it as much as I do the first.

- Sylvia Wallach, London UK

I found the book very enjoyable, my late partner was from Cornwall so it is nice to have that connection. I open the book at random sometimes and savour a couple of pages in a quiet moment, it's refreshing like the sea air.

- Mark Wight, UK

A beautifully presented book, as much a joy to look at as it is to read. Informative and inspiring in equal measure, each artist's intriguing and unique life story, full of the pain and pleasure of the creative process, will encourage you to create art from your own unique life; art that has soul, your soul. A valuable and worthy addition to the library of any creative person.


- Tony Grice

Free Spirits is a refreshing book, full of personal insights into the creative process. It’s a wonderful combination of the intensely personal and universal themes that revolve around the lives of artists that are lived in hope, hard work and persistence of creative energy. Really liked the realism of the studio images which give an honest insight into how art comes into being. Great addition to any art lovers library.

- David Howell

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