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Free Spirits - The Book

Free Spirits - The Book

Only 30 copies left available out of 500 limited first edition. Numbered and signed by the author. 396 pages, hardback, thread sewn.

Interviews with Danny Fox, Guy Yanai, Erin Lawlor, Sandra Blow, Samuel Bassett, Sax Impey, JonOne, Jonathan Lux, Sylvette David, Théo Haggai and Mohamed Khalil.  

I started writing some of the words that are included in Free Spirits when I was 13. Amongst the artists I sought out to interview during my teens, one of the first was Sandra Blow, when I was 15. The more artists I visited and spoke to, the more I felt intrigued to talk to others. When I was 17, I made the promise to myself that I’d release my first book before I turned 30. I told myself that there was no other option but to do it, whatever it took. The next 13 years were filled with encounters all over the world with artists in their homes and studios, from Paris to New York, to St Ives. The funny, tragic, inspiring words and stories that I heard over those 15 years were a compass for where I went next and the decisions that I made, and the energy of each person I interviewed has stayed with me ever since. Three years ago, I sat down to start putting all of the stories I had collected into this book. On the 18th October, Free Spirits will be launched, the day before my 30th birthday. I can’t correctly put into words how timely and special this event feels for me, so I’d rather toast it instead, and can’t wait to do so with you all. I hope that the book will pass the artists’ spirit and courage on to others for many years to come.
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